Forensic Evaluations

Focusing primarily on Custody Evaluations, we provide Forensic Psychological Evaluations which addresses specific family law, including alienation, abuse allegations, family violence, attachment, relocation, and the impact of substance abuse on the family system.

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Adolescent Counseling

Cognitive Forensic Alliance, PLLC recognize that adulthood is an enormous responsibility and the transition into this part of our lives can be extremely stressful. In working with adolescents we take a multi-faceted approach to our work with adolescents. Change is challenging, on those directly and indirectly impacted, however you don't have to do it alone.

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Couples and Family Counseling

All counseling is a collaboration between a counselor and the client. Cognitive Forensic Alliance believe that together we are able to potentially address a variety of challenges. Meeting the difficulties of changes and challenges as a family can be overwhelming, but you don't have to do it alone.

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Cognitive Forensic Alliance, PLLC provides encompassing, scientifically-driven forensic evaluations to attorneys and the courts. The assessments provided to clients are designed for utilization by clinicians, the Cognitive Forensic Alliance Approach strives to promote the utilization of forensic behavioral science by using standardized procedures developed to reduce bias, increase scientific reliability, and offering an increase in transparency of the entire process for the benefit of litigants, attorneys, and the courts.


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Cognitive Forensic Alliance, PLLC services Williamson and Bell County, providing thorough and comprehensive reports to attorneys and the courts. Visit our Documents Page for additional information including pricing and services. Call our office to set up an intake and discuss any questions you may have.