Forensic Evaluations

All Custody Evaluations are conducted in a manner to follow Texas Family Code requirements. This may include but is not limited to:
1. Personal Interviews of each Party to the suit
2. Age appropriate interviews with any child who is subject of the suit
3. Home Evaluation
4. Obtaining information from relevant collateral sources
5. Psychometric Assessments
6. Assessment of relationships between each child who is subject of the suit and each party seeking possession or access to the child


Individual Counseling

Cognitive Forensic Alliance, PLLC recognize that adulthood is an enormous responsibility and the transition into this part of our lives can be extremely stressful. In working with adolescents we take a multi-faceted approach to our work with adolescents. This approach factors in social support systems, unique experiences and personality, development, and neurobiology in order to develop a treatment plan. Involvement from caregivers provides adolescents the largest advantage, as they work through all the complex challenges presented in this stage of life and therefore we want to include the caregivers as much as possible. Change is challenging, on those directly and indirectly impacted, however you don't have to do it alone.


Couples and Family Counseling

All counseling is a collaboration between a counselor and the client. Cognitive Forensic Alliance believes that together we are able to potentially address a variety of challenges which include but are not limited to: separation, co-parenting, single parenting, parenting concerns, substance abuse, coping with violence, rebuilding relationships following traumatic events, and meeting the difficulties of everyday changes and challenges as a family.


Child Custody Evaluations

A completed child custody evaluation is billed at an hourly rate located on the FAQ page and Documents Page. The hourly rate will apply to interviews, collection of standard collateral information, review of basic documentation, and completion of a report to the court. A retainer of $1500.00 per party is also required prior to any interviews or meetings with the lead examiner, however individuals are not to pay their respective retainers until instructed to by Cognitive Forensic Alliance, PLLC.

Court is billed at a separate rate and details are provided on the fee agreement form, located on the document page.

Court Appearances

For any requested appearance, deposition, or participation in any type of settlement conference: these are billed in ½ and whole day increments and include travel time at $875 for ½ day and $1750. These are billed at ½ day increments. This does not include preparation time.


Next Steps...

Cognitive Forensic Alliance, PLLC services Williamson and Bell County, providing thorough and comprehensive reports to attorneys and the courts. Visit our Documents Page for additional information including pricing and services. Call our office to set up an intake and discuss any questions you may have.